Webster House
School Road
NN12 8NE
T: 01327 830014
F: 01327 830733
No. of consultants: 2-3
Geographic area covered: UK
  • National

CWMC Limited

Independent management consultancy offering a wide range of compliance and audit services to insurers, primary and secondary intermediaries, and outsourced service suppliers throughout the UK. We also undertake operational and business improvement reviews, both general and anti-fraud focussed. Where appropriate we utilise eClams, a sophisticated claims audit and analysis tool we developed in-house.

types of client firm served:

  • Friendly Societies
  • Insurance Brokers - General
  • Insurance Brokers - Pure Protection Products
  • Insurers

services offered:

  • Authorisation -FCA
  • Complaints Handling Reviews
  • Compliance advice
  • Compliance Support
  • Documentation
  • Health Checks